Introduction to Travel Writing

A two- to three-hour overview of writing and selling travel articles for newspapers, magazines and online. The workshop is suitable for writers’ centres, writing groups, or similar organisations wanting to introduce members to the skills and techniques required to become a published travel writer.

Having moved into travel writing from a career in the fashion footwear industry, I’m proof you can break into the travel writing industry.

Previously presented at The Society of Women Writers NSW and Lane Cove Library, Lane Cove.

What makes an effective Medial Famil 

A 45-minute to one hour overview on how to organise a media familiarisation trip for maximum return on investment. It covers everything from research and planning to organising the itinerary and hosting the journalists. Suitable for PRs, tourism bodies and anyone who hosts media on travel famils.

Previously presented at: The Australian Institute of Tourism Officers Professional Development Conference 2011 and Outback NSW Tourism Symposium 2012

2 Responses to Workshops

  1. waexplorer says:

    Hi Briar, I’m so glad I found your blog. Just had a very enjoyable hour perusing your articles and I take a lot of heart from your story of how you swapped careers to became a travel writer.


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