Cruise Critic launches Australian site

Whether a cruise virgin or a seasoned cruiser, when it comes to planning a cruise you want specific, accurate, relevant information and advice. Which is why it’s great news that US giant Cruise Critic has launched an Australian site.

Arcadia berthed at Circular quay in Sydney

Arcadia berthed at Circular Quay in Sydney

Cruise Critic was the first consumer cruise site to launch on the web in 1995 and currently helps more than 4 million people a month plan their cruises. With more than 100,000 cruise reviews on the site, it’s a wealth of information for those planning their next aquatic adventure, and with more than a million people on their community forum there are always plenty of people willing to share their experiences and opinions, whatever the question.

Diamond Princess at anchor off the Busselton Jetty in Western Australia

Diamond Princess at anchor in the distance off the Busselton Jetty in Western Australia

The Australian Cruise Critic site is edited by Sydney-based friend and colleague Louise Goldsbury, an award-winning travel writer who specialises in cruising and solo travel. Louise was editor of Cruise Weekly for five years and also writes the Going Solo section in News Ltd’s national newspaper travel liftout Escape. You can read a selection of her travel stories on her blog Cruisey Life. (And some hilarious behind-the scenes cruising stories and confessions on her Cruisey Life Uncensored  site too.)

Sea Princess anchored off Port Arthur in Tasmania

Sea Princess anchored off Port Arthur in Tasmania

With the enormous growth of cruising among Australians and with more ships travelling in Australian waters, Louise says, “It’s an ideal time for the creation of a Cruise Critic specifically for Australians, to highlight the details and topics that matter most to us.” Louise will be writing a daily blog for the site under headings such as Deals and Steals, Talking Ship, World Watch and Happy Hour. You can sign up to receive daily emails here.

So take a look around the site before you start planning your next cruise.

Cruise Critic Australia

Disclaimer: I am an occasional contributor to Cruise Critic.

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Briar Jensen is a Sydney-based freelance travel writer. In her blog, Briar's Travel Beat, she shares her travel experiences to inform, entertain and inspire.
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